Friday, June 1, 2012

Upcycled Tabletop

I prepped this tabletop for new stain & varnish but decided to cover it with paper instead. First, I wadded the papers, then smoothed them back out so that they would have a crackled look.
Cut out paper squares, spread decoupage glue, adhere square, then spread more glue on top. I didn't worry about lining them up perfectly since this is a distressed look.
If you have an odd shaped table like I did, make a nice crease at the edge, then cut off the excess. Repeat glue process.
Once all the papers are on & dry, do another coat of glue over the whole tabletop and let dry overnight.
All done! Decoupage glue is not waterproof, so don't set anything wet on it. If you get tired of your design, it can be easily removed with hot water. Get the paper wet, peel it off, then wipe until all the glue is removed.
Love it!